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經PPMC決議,OpenOffice.org已經正式訂名為Apache OpenOffice,簡稱AOO。 ^_*'

Apache OpenOffice product and project name decision & next steps

The PPMC approved Apache OpenOffice as the product and project name on November 17, 2011.[1]

Next steps

  • All PPMC members review ASF branding and trademark policies and guidelines.[2]
  • Gain concensus from PPMC members to request the ASF register the name and trademark prior to graduation by sending request to trademarks@
  • Create a brief one sentence description of the function of the product. Gain concensus of the PPMC and publish.
  • Create logo and graphic for the new Apache OpenOffice brand. Gain concensus of the PPMC and publish.
  • Ensure all project or product homepages feature prominent trademark attribution for the Apache OpenOffice mark. At the top of each project or product homepage, and on the top banner of each page where the project name appears, include a "TM" symbol next to the first main occurrence of the "Apache OpenOffice" project name. 
  • Create an ASF DOAP 'description of a project'. [3]

[1] http://s.apache.org/O3P

[2] http://s.apache.org/LfC

[3] http://s.apache.org/yn



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